Our multidisciplinary team of experts offers a wide spectrum of peerless services using a process-driven methodology to deliver result-driven solutions.

Digital eCommerce Solutions

Digital Excellence

We at Ably Soft, develop strategic digital eCommerce solutions that facilitate businesses of all sizes to excel in the connected age. By fusing agile ways with a human-centric approach, we architect, design, and deliver integrated products and services that enable transformative digital journeys across industries. Our technologically superior solutions built with innovative mindsets enable businesses to transcend boundaries and discover new horizons.

Company Values


We believe in transparent, responsible, and sustainable business practices that define our character and shape our culture. Our core values demonstrate the essence of our strong commitment to the success of our clients. Our multidisciplinary team with an array of perspectives brings deep industry knowledge and functional expertise that improve the status quo and spark desired change.

Ably Soft Work Culture


We operate on the cusp of individual and collective asymmetries, fostering and reinforcing a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our values, deeply rooted in a shared sense of purpose, ignite innovation and are central to what allows us to work with integrity and ethics. We believe in lifelong learning, team democracies, and openness. All of which come together for growth and long-lasting value creation.


Ably Soft was founded in 2004, the year of web 2.0. We foresaw the boom of digital economy and our team of transdisciplinary professionals, who previously worked in silos, collaborated to solve the most impactful challenges posed by it. Leading through the new reality of transformation, our approach to ruffle conventional thinking paved the way for cognitive innovation and reinvention. Leveraging creative tech-led solutions with a now-imperative combination of speed and quality, we enable businesses to uncover their potential and do more.

Products and Services offered by Ably Soft


Embracing the power of change, we focus on creating 360° value with technological sophistication and human ingenuity. We design and engineer boutique products and services, empowering businesses to unlock their potential. We bring unique perspectives into the dynamics of businesses with deep domain knowledge and industry expertise that pull data from all digital touch-points. We tame complex challenges and provide novel solutions that are grounded in business viability and product desirability. We offer a path towards sustainability by using global capabilities and building a future of shared success.


CEO’s Message

In 2002, I started my journey with a vision of accelerating the entrepreneurial journey by providing a digital solution. Reckoning FATbit’s history fills us with immense gratification that we have delivered “the best” to all our clients. With billion-dollar enterprises as our clients, we have grown to be a company that sticks to mission and vision.

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